Arts Jam: Spring Flower Collage

Build up layers of colour to create a bright, abstract, floral image

You will need:

  • 2 x A4 sheets of paper or card
  • Paint Sticks (or any other type of paint)
  • Pritt Stick
  • Marker and felt pens (we used Ecoline water colour pens). Or substitute with crayons and/or colouring pencils
  • Washi Tape
  • Brightly coloured scrap paper cut into various shapes (strips, circles, triangles etc.). You could use old magazines or leaflets, wrapping paper or craft paper.

How to make your collage:

  • Start by creating your background. Use the paint sticks, felt and marker pens to cover your paper with layers of colour and pattern. Next add washi tape and glue on pieces of scrap paper.
  • On the second sheet of paper draw your flower outlines (you can download and print out the templates below if you wish). Fill in the outline with paint, pen and or washi tape, then cut out and glue to your background.
  • Experiment and play, try out different combinations of colour and materials, the possibilities are endless!

These are some of the beautiful artworks created by our Arts Jam community

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Flower templates

Download links: Daffodil 1 | Daffodil 2|Tulip 1Tulip 2 |Primroses

Arts Jam is a monthly art club run in partnership with Nurture Network This is your space to create, collaborate and be inspired. Relax and have fun trying out different materials and processes each month. All abilities are welcome, join us and find your inspiration.

– To be accessible to all, offering themes that accommodate for different styles, approaches and abilities
– To encourage collaboration, conversation and sharing of skills, ideas and processes
– To explore, experiment and inspire new creative endeavours and projects
– To build confidence with a focus on process rather than finished item
– To be affordable, utilising materials and processes that are readily available at home so that work can be further developed if wished
– To consider environmental impact through choice of materials and reducing waste, using natural or recycled materials where possible