Arts Jam: Painting without a Brush

Create a monochrome abstract painting inspired by the winter landscape


This activity is all about having fun with shape and pattern. Pick one colour of paint, we chose black acrylic for maximum contrast but any colour or type of paint will work. Raid the recycling bin and create your own painting ‘tools’ to splatter, print, spread, drip, and scrape the paint onto the paper. Make sure you remember to protect clothing and surfaces before you start, this can get messy!

What you will need:

  • Paper
  • Any type or colour of paint
  • Household scrap items such as toilet rolls, bottle tops, empty yogurt bottles, corrugated card, old cutlery, scrunched up paper, cardboard rolled into a spiral, bubble wrap, twigs etc.
  • A pen or pencil

How to create your painting:

  • First prepare your painting ‘tools’
  • Fill a shallow dish with paint (old plastic fruit cartons work well for this)
  • Dip your ‘tools’ into the paint and transfer to the paper. You could use the tool as a stamp or use it to drag the paint along in a line, zigzag or circle
  • Leave the paint to dry,  you can then draw over your paintings using a pen or pencil to create patterns

These are some of the fantastic artworks created by our Arts Jam community:

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Arts Jam is a monthly art club run in partnership with Nurture Network This is your space to create, collaborate and be inspired. Relax and have fun trying out different materials and processes each month. All abilities are welcome, join us and find your inspiration.

– To be accessible to all, offering themes that accommodate for different styles, approaches and abilities
– To encourage collaboration, conversation and sharing of skills, ideas and processes
– To explore, experiment and inspire new creative endeavours and projects
– To build confidence with a focus on process rather than finished item
– To be affordable, utilising materials and processes that are readily available at home so that work can be further developed if wished
– To consider environmental impact through choice of materials and reducing waste, using natural or recycled materials where possible

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